Wii Guns: Wii Star Wars Clone Trooper Blaster

Since the arrival of the first Star Wars movie in 1977, fans have never been able to quite get enough of the joys of recreating favorite scenes from that great movie serial. Now, with the introduction of the Wii game system, the joy can continue on and on.

Inspired by those fun filled scenes of blasters firing away at the storm troopers or the Dark lords of the Sith, the Star Wars Clone Trooper Blaster Wii accessories are designed to give the user a full, realistic experience of actually being a part of the rebel alliance or one of the defenders of the Old Republic. You can even use additional Wii accessories to invite a friend or many friends to join in the battle against Darth Vader and his dark lords as they defend the evil empire at the side of other traitors to the force.

This Wii accessory provides realistic sound effects just like what you might expect from the official Lucas films. George Lucas also licenses this Wii accessory so you can be assured that it does meet his high, exacting standards and those of his many, many fans around the world. Additionally, the buyer can also attach the accompanying stickers to ensure that their Clone Trooper Blaster is even more like the blasters from the movie serial.

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Where do you get one for yourself? There are two places on line where you can place your order. First, there is Target, which sells this product for $15. What is good about making a purchase through Target.com is that if there should be any problems, you can either contact their company through their web site or, take the item to the nearest store, no questions asked. The second place is through Amazon.com, which also sells the same Star Wars Wii accessory for the same price. In fact, Amazon carries a whole line of Star Wars Wii accessories. However, wait, they also sell used items as well. Amazon.com is well known for being a company that will work with its customers to resolve any problems that might ensure. Therefore, you cannot go wrong making a purchase through Amazon. Nevertheless, be aware that when purchasing anything used, the item you receive might not be what you thought it would be so do Amazon’s seller profiles before submitting your order to avoid disappointments.

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