Wii Turbo Trainz Game Review

Wii Turbo Trainz, given the name, feels like the kind of game that would appeal to kids and — to the rest of us — either be decent or a complete train wreck! (It’s okay to groan, I’m bad at puns.) What has come out is actually a fairly simple game that surprisingly translates well for the adults, and it will more than likely keep your children entertained.

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Turbo Trainz Wii is essentially a kart racer, but rather than the typical rubber on the road like Super Mario Kart or Sega All-Stars Racing, you get the not so standard trains on tracks instead. In the game, you get the choice of playing as one of eight characters, who are amusingly animated characters in every sense of the word, and they include Bullet, Baby, Big Steamer, Tough, Express, Coal, The Veteran and Hippy. Each of these eight characters have their own exclusive trains and a varying level of proficiency in certain areas, which include but are not limited to: speed, tilting, strength and turbo.

As someone who really enjoys kart racers, I found both the general concept and the cartoon graphics interesting. The gameplay itself is very simple to master, using the standard fare of controls found in other kart games. Along with steering on the tracks quickly to try and pass the checkered finish line on the ground, you have to watch your tail and make sure your opponents are not about to unleash a power-up on you. Sound familiar? If you’ve played a kart game before, you will take to this easily.

Is Turbo Trainz a game you can enjoy steaming its way to your Nintendo Wii console? Yes, it is definitely a game made for people who don’t normally play video games, but even the more “serious” gamers may want to check out this title. One thing different about Turbo Trainz as compared to other more “uptight” games is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously (or maybe that should be the developers). Instead the game offers gameplay that is truly fun. The characters are fun, the gameplay is easy and the background scenery goes from relaxing to wild and upside down.