Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion – Wii Style

Cartoon Network Wii is a video game that is on other gaming platforms, but I feel that the Wii version works the best given its content. As the name suggests, it is a video game that incorporates elements of shows that air on Cartoon Network. There are two modes available in Punchtime Explosion Wii; the first is the story mode, where you can play the game using one or more characters through a given story, and the second is a battle mode. In the latter, you can choose one Cartoon Network character and fight against the others.

While this may not be a very well known title to casual gamers, this game is particular reminiscent of Tekken 6. The Tekken series has always been about fighting, but with the latest iteration, there was a story mode that lets you go through actual levels on a 3D platform. In Cartoon Network Punchtime Explosion, the levels are in 2D and are side-scrolling like a beat 'em up, but the concept is the same.

The enemies are decently varied though there is still some repetition. In the story mode, the primary purpose is to free certain Cartoon Network characters — for example, Chowder from his namesake show, Chowder — who have been enslaved, but to free them you must fight them. The violence is pretty much the main element in this game, though there is far more punching and kicking than there is blood.

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Sometimes, the narrator whips out a few quips, but then there are a few instances I can see being offending to others. Because everybody has different senses of humor, be aware that there are some lines that your friends or family might find offensive. Of course, you could also find it as hilarious as I did.

In all, you can play as twenty-six different Cartoon Network characters, and you can also play on twenty-six arenas, each one representing a character. Personally, I think the battle mode has much more replay value — after all, all fighting games have a pretty high replay value. In fact, this game actually one-ups other fighting games and allows up to four players brawl against one another rather than just two.

On the Wii version, the controls are a little confusing, however. This is because there are so many different combinations and commands to keep track of since the remote lacks the same number of buttons that the other two systems have. Once you have it down pat, though, the game is definitely fun.

This game will work well for anybody who is at least 13 or older, and it is definitely the sort of game that you can play for many hours after buying it.