Happy Feet 2 for Nintendo Wii

Happy Feet, also the title for a movie series in addition to the Wii games, is a story about a penguin whose name is Mumble, and he happens to have an affinity for tap dancing. Having tap danced his way across kids' hearts all over the country, Mumble can now be found on various consoles in the form of Wii Happy Feet 2.

What separates Happy Feet Wii from its other versions is, of course, the Wii remote. While the game does utilize the remote, it is unfortunately not in the best possible ways. The game's story mode begins with a rhythm game similar to Dance Dance Revolution. While your dancing skills are not put to the test, you do need to swing the controller as the arrows appear on the screen. Timing is critical, and this part is difficult.

The rest of the gameplay, like the first game, consists of a race where Mumble slides on his belly down a path filled with random obstacles that slow him down if he happens to crash into them. As usual, the races move quickly and Mumble is even capable of jumping off of ramps, with boosts for additional speed appearing later in the game. The primary objective is to be the first one across the finish line.

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Unfortunately, there is nothing more to the game. I would have thought the developer would have learned from the lack of gameplay in the first game, but it seems like the same game had a "2" sticker slapped on its cover. There is some slight variety, in which baby Mumble needs to escape a hungry creature, but it just goes back to a belly-sled race. I can't imagine even younger kids want to replay the same thing over and over again.

Happy Feet 2 is not all bad, though; the graphics are immensely lifelike, and they look incredible when you compare them to the other versions. Additionally, the music is something to enjoy as well, especially because it comes directly from the Happy Feet movie. The real star of the show, however, comes from the licensed tunes, including KC and the Sunshine Band's two songs and a Gloria Gaynor Song.

Happy Feet 2 is repetitive with very little to offer gamers, and there is nothing that it does to stay fresh outside of the graphics and music. If you really enjoyed the movie, consider giving this title a try. Otherwise, pass on it.