Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion for the Wii

Developer Storm City Games releases the kid-friendly Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion for the Wii. Its simple gameplay and easy-on-the-eyes graphics may not impress older gamers, but little kids will be delighted at the prospect of playing as a Gummy Bear and hopping around their virtual kingdom.

The story begins in Gummy Bears Kingdom, a sweet and saccharine land of sugary bliss. The kingdom is inhabited by Gummy Bears, living representations of the popular chewy treat, who treat each other with respect and make the land worth living in. Unfortunately, the dastardly King Sour Berry decides to spoil everyone’s fun by stealing the four mystical gems of the Gummy Bear Medallion. The Medallion is a magic artifact that hides the Gummy Bears Kingdom from King Sour Berry’s prying eyes. With it under Sour Berry’s control, Gummy Bears Kingdom is exposed and subsequently twisted. The player is then called upon to save the realm once and for all.

The Wii Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion game is a platformer geared towards younger audiences. The Gummy Bears Kingdom is represented by colorful and cartoony graphics. There are gingerbread houses, candy cane swings, and a wide variety of moving confectionaries. The player controls a Gummy Bear, a humanlike gelatin figure, and jumps from one platform to another, collecting items and beating the time limit when appropriate.

There are five hearts which signify the player’s life on the upper left side of the screen, while the upper right features the items collected. Enemies can be defeated by jumping on their heads, after which they disappear in a cloud of dust. To prevent players from getting lost, arrows point the way to the objective, and save points are littered all throughout. Additionally, the Gummy Bears encounter obstacles which require some special abilities to bypass. One example is the sudden appearance of a boulder-like object, to which the player must charge a meter and smash his way through.

There are 12 levels that players can fully enjoy. They are typically variations of the same basic confectionary theme but have enough contrast to provide variety. As extra content, the game has 13 different unlockable achievements.

The basic platforming puzzles are relatively simple to perform, but they can be challenging enough for younger audiences. The game ensures that the path is straightforward and only rarely will younger players encounter an obstacle they will have trouble with. There are also enough platforming varieties to make the gameplay fun. For example, swinging candy canes, seesawing slabs of biscuits, and bouncy gelatin trampolines each have different mechanics, and younger players will have loads of fun maneuvering through them.

The audio matches the game well. Despite being continuously played on a loop, it doesn’t border on irritation and might even be memorable for the little tots who play the Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion Wii game.

Parents who want their children to be stimulated with colorful graphics, safe gameplay, and childlike action will find them all in Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion.

There are no bad aspects to this game if the player is a toddler or preschooler, but older kids may find it extremely boring and monotonous. The Gummy Bears Wii game is a fun romp for your children or young relatives, but players past puberty may want to sit this one out.

Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion requires the Wii console to play. It is for single player only and does not require any other accessory except the standard Wii remote.

Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion is a simple game with simple graphics and objectives. Kids will have a blast with the good platforming and jumping action, as well as the brightly colored worlds. Before buying this game, adults should first determine whether it is still age appropriate for their children, as some youngsters may find Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion to be too kiddy for their own taste. Preschoolers will have a blast though, and Gummy Bears: Magical Medallion will fill their days with entertainment.

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