Madden NFL 12 for the Wii

Football fans better prepare themselves as EA Sports’ latest and greatest American football simulator hits the Wii in Madden NFL 12, an improved version of previous Madden incarnations, but unfortunately, not by much.

Madden NFL has pretty much dominated the football video gaming-scene since its early inception more than two decades ago. The Wii released another solid contender last year in the form of Madden NFL 11, but this year’s Madden NFL 12 game with Cleveland Browns’ Peyton Hillis on the cover art further improves upon the Madden formula by adding more functionality and presentation.

In Madden NFL 12 Wii game, football enthusiasts can play as their favorite NFL teams in a battle for American football supremacy against the AI or other gamers. Madden NFL 12’s main game modes include Play Now and Franchise. In Play Now, gamers can immediately begin a casual exhibition game of American football between two NFL teams. Madden NFL 12 features a 5 on 5 option, as well as 11 on 11 to suit the gamer’s preference on the number of players present on the field at any given time. In Franchise mode, where the bulk of hardcore fans will probably be spending most of their game time with, players can take their favorite team through the whole gamut of ascending the rankings in a full season, free agent bidding, fantasy draft picks, off-field assistants that help build the team as a whole, and many more.

The presentation in Madden NFL 12 Wii game is vastly improved from last year’s version, this time containing quick stats and easily accessible options during and between plays. In terms of graphics, Madden NFL 12 still maintains the same cartoony look that separates it from the more realistic visuals of its counterparts on the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 consoles. However, the colorful style suits the capabilities of the Wii quite well and is even more endearing to casual fans.

More importantly, the Wii Madden NFL 12 game now incorporates the classic controller scheme to enable gamers to play without using the motion sensing capabilities of the Wii. Classic controller is often more manageable than the unwieldy point-and-press interface, but the latter still remains intact for those who have gotten used to it. Overall, the gameplay has a more arcade feel to it, reminiscent of older generation football games. Casual fans and veterans alike will prefer this unique style on the Wii much better than one that tries to forcibly mimic the other console versions of Madden NFL 12.

Finally, a variety of unlockables, collectibles, and extra game modes are littered all throughout to enable long-term play. Also, Madden NFL 12’s multiplayer action is still as addictive as ever, and having a friend over to toss the ol’ virtual pigskin with is certainly a welcome aspect that would keep Madden NFL 12 off the shelf and in the Wii for a long time.

Improvements from more recent versions of Madden are virtually nil. Although Madden NFL 12 is the greatest one yet on the Wii, older releases are still pretty close to it. Furthermore, an area that needed much improvement, namely the online support and play, still hasn’t received its overhaul; online play is available but bare and contains minor glitches. Players may want to stick with offline multiplayer if they want to compete with anyone other than the computer.

Finally, the Wii version is pretty neat and has a ton of exclusive features, but for anyone who really wants to experience the full breadth of the game may need to check out the other console versions if they happen to own an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3, which has improved graphics and gameplay extras. In the end, it all comes down to deciding which version suits your needs the best, as they are all different from each other.

Madden NFL 12 can be played on the Wii console using the standard Wii remote and Nunchuk. It contains single player, multiplayer, and online support.

Madden NFL 12 for the Wii is the best Madden yet for the Nintendo console. With cartoony graphics, casual gameplay, full franchise mode, lots of extras and multiplayer options, American football fans will have their hands full for months with this game. Although improvements from last year’s Madden are practically minimal, there are still enough reasons to play this release. If you’re a sports fan, then you owe it to yourself to give Madden NFL 12 a try.

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