Wii Super Sonic Racer

Fresh out of publisher Zoo Games Inc. is the futuristic-racer Super Sonic Racer for the Wii. Super Sonic Racer is a Mario-Kart inspired game that pits players against each other or computer-controlled opponents in four different worlds containing various tracks. Unfortunately, the game suffers from repetitive mechanics and bland design, making Super Sonic Racer a forgettable release.

Super Sonic Racer is a lighthearted racing simulator with easy-to-navigate menus and screens. In the game, you can pick from a wide variety of drivers sporting wacky vehicles. From a pizza-delivery transport to a futuristic bike, the 12 available transports are pretty unique and colorful, adding welcome diversity to this racing release.

The Wii Super Sonic Racer game can also be played solo or versus through split screen with friends and family. You can pick from four different themed worlds – Nightmare World, Underwater World, Game World, and Trash World – with 16 tracks total, all reversible. Each race comprises of 3 laps where players compete with one another in an attempt to cross the finish line first. Littered throughout the tracks are boxes which contain one of three power-ups: a landmine, a missile, and a booster rocket. Once players grab the power-up, they can use the item to either blast opponents out of the way or speed up their auto to grab first place.

Unfortunately, that’s all that the Super Sonic Racer Wii game has to offer. The rest of the features are all halfhearted attempts at providing entertainment value.

Super Sonic Racer is a poor racing game not because it is virtually a copycat of Mario Kart, but because the lack of effort in the design clearly shows. Although the vehicles are quite cool, the drivers themselves don’t say a word all throughout the game. There is little personality to differentiate one from the other, and the drivers’ cold shoulder treatment definitely does nothing to spice up an already bland entry. Furthermore, the soundtrack leaves a lot to be desired with its mechanical beeps and dings that seem to have been hurriedly put together.

The tracks themselves are little more than circular patterns with no surprises in store. After a few laps around the different tracks, players might find themselves dozing off or lapsing into a daydream. The only challenge the game poses is that making it to first place is moderately difficult. The computer AI will often blast you out of the way and do everything in their power to stop you. This can be fun for a while, until you realize that the payoff is worth less than the effort. Getting first place means unlocking the other cars and tracks, but why anyone would want to spend so much time unlocking features in a subpar racer is beyond comprehension.

With the shoddy controls and extremely monotonous gameplay, there are other kart racers out there that provide more value for your money. Super Sonic Racer is definitely in the bottom of the barrel among the lot.

Super Sonic Racer uses the standard Wii console and remote. A Wii Wheel can be used optionally, and multiplayer action is available for up to two players. However, there is no online play support.

Super Sonic Racer can be summed up in one word: uninspired. Although it had every opportunity to take the Mario Kart elements and turn it into a unique creation, Zoo Games Inc. opted for this disappointment that offers nowhere near the excitement promised in the official packaging description. Players may want to unbuckle their seatbelts and skip this bland Kart racer.