Just Dance Kids 2 – Wii Dance for Kids

Ubisoft is back with another Just Dance title, this time focusing on the younger generation of dancers. Just Dance Kids 2 features over 40 tracks and dance routines that cater to kids of all ages.

If you’ve never heard of Just Dance, then you’ve probably never been put on public display dancing like a loon for the enjoyment of your friends. Just Dance is one of Ubisoft’s bestselling games and holds the record for the highest selling Wii game from a third party developer. It mostly involves the player mimicking some expertly choreographed dance steps that are designed for maximum enjoyment and hilarity.

With Just Dance Kids 2, the dance numbers and songs are specifically picked with kids in mind. There are over 40 songs including classic favorites such as “Itsy Bitsy Spider”, popular movie hits like “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”, the more recent “Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith, songs from the Nickelodeon TV show “Yo Gabba Gabba!”, and songs that simply transcend age like Peaches and Herb’s “Shake Your Groove Thing”. With an extensive tracklist, Just Dance Kids 2 is sure to have something for children of all ages.

In the game, players select the song they want and perform the dance routine associated with that tune. The dance steps are shown onscreen through digitally inserted footage of real kids dancing. The objective is to hold the Wii remote in one hand and copy the onscreen dancers as they move along to the beat. To aid the players, visual cues scroll horizontally on the bottom of the screen and serve as prompts for the next dance step. The routines are all expertly choreographed and are challenging enough for young, seasoned dancers but at the same time easy enough for beginners.

The Just Dance Kids 2 Wii game has other modes including “Balloon Mode” which involves friendly competition among the players as they race for points and try to beat each other at dancing. There is also a four-player cooperative mode to ensure that no child is left behind on the action. Kids can also make their own playlists of up to ten songs to dance to, and there are onscreen lyrics available for those who don’t know the words to the song but would like to sing along. Finally, parents are given a handle on things by being able to select the tunes their kids can dance to and put a limit on how much playing time is allowed.

All in all, Just Dance Kids 2 is an excellent party game for children. The dance steps are all suitable for tiny hands and feet that are still in the process of developing, and the amount of sweat built up during the fun ensures that kids get their exercise while having fun.

Although the Wii Just Dance Kids 2 game can be played solo, kids will have more fun with it as a party and group activity. Just Dance Kids 2 is also more suitable towards younger children; adolescents and preteens may be more inclined to try out the adult versions of the Just Dance series because they may find some of the dance routines in Just Dance Kids 2 to be too simplistic and easy.

Just Dance Kids 2 is available on the Wii console and can be played with the standard Wii remote. Multiplayer options are available for up to four players.

Just Dance Kids 2 has joined the growing list of Just Dance titles, and it’s obviously a welcome addition for parents wanting to give their tots a fun and healthy experience. The songs included are all kid-friendly, and the dance routines are designed to be suitable for young players. Parents are also given free reign with handling the desired playing time, and kids can create their own playlists and compete with each other in special modes. If it’s a party game for children you want, you can’t go wrong with Just Dance Kids 2.