Wii Hasbro Family Game Night Fun Pack – Double the Family Fun

It’s games like Wii Family Game Night Fun pack that make me remember why I became a video game reviewer and bought a Wii to begin with; this fantastic pack of Hasbro Wii 2 and Hasbro Family Game Night 3 for the Wii come bundled together and has been stuck inside my console for the last few days. It’s amazing how much fun board games that have too many pieces to keep track of can be when translated into digital format. In particular, the Fun Pack includes Yahtzee, Life, Clue, Mouse Trap, Twister, Jenga, Connect 4×4, Mr. Potato Head, Operation, Bop It and Pictureka.

The graphics are outstanding for the concept, although to be fair, it is difficult to ruin graphics for a board game. Mr. Potato Head in particular gets to don quite a few ridiculous outfits that will have the whole family laughing. Because the Fun Pack is available as a Wii video game, you also get the added bonus of Mii incorporation to make the whole thing perfect.

At the time each of these games was released, the general price difference showed that buying each board game separately would cost more than the Wii game. With this in mind, remember that the Fun Pack features two of these games. The logic of which saves you even more money will become very obvious.

The controls were also not an issue in this game. In fact, it was incredibly easy to use, even for the younger folks in the family; everybody who played had a ball. It’s things like that that make it very unsurprising that this franchise had managed to release this many titles; most casual games of this sort fail to deliver on the first instance, and they might even release a second one, but a third, fourth and so on are unheard of.

What Hasbro has done here, however, is release a pack of games that capitalize on an excellent formula. For years, Hasbro has brought families together for a game night — thus the title of the franchise — and its accessible settings and familiar games with additional content make for something that everybody can enjoy. Even if you do not have enough human players to join you, you can also add computer players to help round out the number of people playing and resume your fun.

Whether you are a fan of the board games or simply want to find something new that the whole family can play, then Hasbro Family Game Night Fun Pack is definitely the right option for you, especially if you have never purchased the second and third titles; instead of getting the two separately, getting the pack will save you even more money.