Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga for Wii

Lego Star Wars the Complete Sage combines content from earlier Lego Star Wars games (Chapters 1-3 & Chapters 4-6) with new characters, levels, quests, and challenges to create the most comprehensive version to date. The game, complete with famous scenes and the score from Lucas’ Star Wars saga, is enacted by Lego Star Wars characters, which makes it appealing to a wide audience. The Lego Star Wars Wii game is primarily made up of puzzle solving portions and cooperative play challenges.

Lego Star Wars is marketed to kids and is highly appropriate for young players. It is fairly simple to learn, using only four or five buttons on the Wii remote. However, the game also appeals to adults and can be challenging for older audiences. Lego Star Wars incorporates a great deal of humor as Lego characters act out Star Wars scenes between levels.
Unlike many games that lose their appeal once they have been completed, Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga is fun to replay. In the free play option, players have the opportunity to explore Star Wars landscapes, building and solving challenges with their chosen characters. Although some criticism has been leveled at the game for recycling old content, much of the older material has been fleshed out and made more intricate for this version.

Although the Wii motion controls can be used to some extent for light saber control, it is not a one to one control; in other words, you cannot fully simulate using a light saber with the Wii control. Also, the Wii version’s graphics are of lower quality than those in the versions for X-Box 360 or Playstation 3. Additionally, in multi-player mode a less skilled player can significantly limit what his or her game play partner can accomplish.

The Lego Star Wars Wii game features the Wii motion control for manipulation of light sabers, the “force,” and hand guns. The game has both a story mode, where players move through pre-determined levels, and a free play option. Lego Star Wars can be played in single player or multi-player mode.

Lego Star Wars the Complete Saga is by far the most complex Lego Star Wars game released thus far. The Wii version is fun for kids and even adults will find themselves playing the game over and over again. The charming and nostalgic mini-movies and character quirks make game play a treat. The scope and features of the game are similar to classics like the Zelda series. Despite a few minor caveats regarding the extent of the Wii motion control, the newest offering of Lego Star Wars is a solid and fun investment that will provide hours of entertainment.