uDraw Studio Game and Tablet for Wii

uDraw Studio Wii is more, and less, than a game for the Nintendo Wii. It is a package that includes the Wii uDraw Gametablet device for writing and drawing onscreen and the uDraw Studio onscreen drawing software, which is decidedly not a game. This bundle is designed and manufactured by THQ as a third-party accessory that can be used with the included software or two other games currently available for sale.

The uDraw Gametablet is a chunky tablet device with a controller dock on the left side, an attached stylus for writing or drawing, and a 4-inch by 6-inch drawing surface. The uDraw Wii Studio software is likened to Corel Painter stripped of most of its advanced features, or other widely available drawing/painting software available for PCs. It has several different modes available for drawing, painting, coloring, and other creative endeavors.

The uDraw Gametablet is wireless, so you can take it with you some distance without having to worry about distracting cords. The device opens up a whole new realm of Wii gaming, that makes games such as Pictionary, sold separately, possible. The tablet is solidly constructed and looks as if it was manufactured directly by Nintendo.

The uDraw Studio Wii software is perfect for unleashing the creativity of children. It allows them to produce works of art completely from their own imagination and lets them improve and modify existing works. All works can be saved to an SD card and shared with friends and family.

The Wii uDraw Studio software seems to work nicely for what it is designed to do. The problems that are readily apparent are more likely due to the design of the Gametablet. First, the tablet is fairly heavy. It is also quite thick, which is fine for adults, but a little too much for smaller children. Also, the cradle for the Wii remote doesn’t have a port for the IR sensor, so to interact with the Wii menus, you have to remove the remote from the cradle. Drawing with the stylus is not very precise and even talented artists will have trouble creating something outside the range of what can be done by an average 5-year-old.

While not being as full-featured as PC drawing/painting software, uDraw Studio does allow for painting with nine media options and an easy-to-use toolbox to change colors or drawing instruments. A coloring book is including for those who don’t want to draw their own pictures. Drawings are saved stroke-by-stroke and can be fully saved and replayed as a video. A gallery allows users to organize and peruse through all of their works.

The Wii uDraw Studio and Gametablet is a great device for children, allowing them to be more creative than is possible with video games. It also opens up a new type of gaming on the Wii as is evidenced by Pictionary, but it the verdict is still up in the air about the future of the device and possibilities for other new tablet games.