Nerf Wii Remote: A Match Made in Heaven

There’s a general consensus out there that the Wii is a kids system, and as such, the console has been flooded with games geared toward the younger set, usually with accessories to match. While this makes for a lot of shoddy titles and hardware being made for the system, nostalgic gamers will be happy to hear that the Wii Nerf Remote doesn’t fall into this category.

Honestly, Nerf is almost the perfect material to construct a Wii remote out of. It’s soft and forgiving, yet durable, and it’s a bit surprising that nobody has thought of this yet, given the Wiimote’s penchant for flying out of your hand and into your TV screen without the slightest provocation. The Wii Nerf Remote also comes with built-in MotionPlus capability, so you don’t have to worry about plugging in the unwieldy add-on. Granted, using the Wii Nerf Remote takes a bit of getting used to as the outside is just soft, squishy Nerf, but the added level of protection is worth it. They haven’t skimped on the aesthetics either: my black Nerf Wiimote looks like a direct descendant of the original NES controllers, and that’s cool.

There’s also a Wii Nerf Nunchuk, and while it serves the same functionality of the regular nunchuk, the softness of it was a bit too much. I ended up plugging in my regular stock nunchuk instead of the Wii Nerf Nunchuk because I couldn’t get used to the squishy little ball of Nerf in my fist, although others didn’t seem to have the same issues as I was.

However, on the Wiimote itself, the addition of Nerf is a welcome one. Nerf and the Wii have had a lovely relationship together thus far, and I hope we will continue to see such innovation in the future. It’s really saved me a fortune on broken Wiimotes.