Centipede: Infestation of Your Wii

Most people who play video games remember the arcade game Centipede, where you had to control a side-scrolling character while you shot incoming bugs. Centipede: Infestation re-imagines this as a twin-stick shooter in an isometric view, similar to Smash TV.

In addition to the regular Wii Remote/Nunchuk setup, you can use the Classic Controller Pro for Wii Centipede. Most of my time spent playing the game included the latter; I always use it when I get the chance. The sticks, however, are a bit difficult to fine tune when aiming, so moving the character is more necessary than aiming to find that sweet spot.

The game itself feels like it could have once been a Saturday morning cartoon with animation similar to Captain N or the old Zelda cartoon. I think it works well, with more action than a motion comic but not nearly as much as you would see in cartoons, and the storyline is reminiscent of a cartoon. There are two main characters. You play as Max, who must defend Maisy. And Max finds himself awkward around Maisy, bringing lightheartedness to a post-apocalyptic world.

Speaking of action, as soon as the game starts, there is a fast-paced world with violent bugs everywhere. All you get is a small gun, and you go through short tutorials before being sent on your own. Again, the aiming is a bit awkward but it works fine when you get used to it.

Another thing worth mentioning is it’s not very difficult. Though there are tons of bugs attacking you and your tiny weapon, I never felt as if there were any true danger afoot. The most difficult levels in the game require looking after the completely defenseless Maisy. However, I did find the levels were at least large in size, causing you to have to run around frequently.

At the end of the day, I believe the developer — Wayforward — did a pretty good job re-imagining the old classic game Centipede. After all, there are plenty of elements here to please the classic gamers while adding in enough elements to appease the modern gamer. You can earn numerous achievements that unlock new characters. While it is not very difficult, it is still a very fun update to an old arcade classic, and I know I personally will enjoy Centipede Wii every once in awhile. Those of you who enjoy killing bugs while having some nostalgia, then I recommend this game.