Wii Got Monster High: Ghoul Spirit, Yes Wii Do

THQ may have been cutting it a little close with their October 25 release date for Wii Monster High: Ghoul Spirit. While clearly a title that will have impulse buy appeal at the end of October, a couple more weeks could have provided some extra sales through word of mouth to people looking for an All Hallows Eve game. Still, this game has a lot going for it and even though Halloween is past, it may be just the game you are looking for if you have young children.

The Monster High Wii game is based on the popular cartoon series. All the main characters from the series are in the game but you don’t get to play as any of them. Instead, you create your own custom character and can interact with all your favorite personalities from the show.

Clearly targeting young girls, the objective is to be crowned Scream Queen at the end of the game. The game progresses through episodes, much like the show. Completing missions that include fixing Clawdeen’s hair and getting ready for a party are activities that will certainly appeal to the target audience. This is a free-form much like GTA or The Elder Scrolls but, geared toward a younger, female demographic.

The game controls are really pretty good. Your reflexes aren’t going to be put under heavy strain but that shouldn’t be a surprise considering the target audience. The controls are intuitive and there is a bat to help guide your character so you don’t get completely lost during a quest.

The graphics are nothing special, cartoony and lacking texture. This may be a drawback for serious gamers but for the younger audience and the die-hard Monster High fans, this simple approach is not likely to cause any concern. The cut scenes featuring the show’s stars are more likely to raise eyebrows. They are done well but they are the same scene every time that particular character makes an appearance.

Monster High: Ghoul Spirit does a good job of holding your attention even if you are a teenage male or young adult. While it won’t be at the top of most gamers wish list, it has enough going for it that almost everybody will find some enjoyment playing it. If you have young girls in the house or are a fan of Monster High, this is one game that really should be in your Wii collection.