X-Men Destiny Delivers a Good Clean Action Fix

For those that are looking for a game to buy that is exciting and still kid-safe, this is one to consider. There is no blood to speak of and a good deal of action that involves animation that accentuates impact without a gore factor. This has made it possible for the game to come across as action oriented while not being gross like many other games in the action genre.

For parents this is going to be an excellent game to consider for a young teenager that is looking to get their action fix. More serious titles such as Grand Theft Auto deliver the same type of action with a lot more adult-oriented material, and by far this is the one to consider. By and large this is a game that is average in terms of its story and mechanics, but for a younger audience this is not typically a problem for X-Men Wii.

The controls can feel a bit sluggish at times both in combat and during explorative moments throughout the title, while this can be annoying at times it does not damage the title overall. There will be times that you might feel as if there is a delayed response, and in these cases you should take the time to possibly re-calibrate your controller. Overall the controls do work, but at times they can be a bit annoying during more intense moments of the game. Being able to move forward in this game will not be a chore so long as you are diligent with regard to the strategies typically used to play action games in addition to Wii X-Men.

The story involves the usual cast of characters where the X-Men are concerned, Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto, and others can all be found making their appearances. The plot does come across as a bit cliche where older audiences are concerned; however, it is doubtful that younger children will notice at all. This is not a bad game by any means but it is certainly not a game that older audiences will likely appreciate, and you should bear this in mind before purchasing. The total package of Wii X-Men Destiny is a rather imposing one in some ways, but it falls quite short in others, so if the person receiving this game is a discerning type it is probably better to buy them something else. Definitely playable, but not game of the year by any means.