Chuck E. Cheese’s Super Collection for the Wii

You can definitely smile with UFO Interactive’s Chuck E. Cheese’s Super Collection, a fun compilation of arcade and minigames, most of which are found in actual Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant chains. Chuck E. Cheese’s Super Collection delivers a level of enjoyment kids can relate to. Unfortunately, almost all the games save a few are average at best.

Chuck E. Cheese’s is a United States-based chain of pizza restaurants founded in the late 1970’s which offered unique animatronic shows, arcade games, slides, and ball pits in addition to the delicious food. The restaurant was branded as a family entertainment center due to this variety and is a staple of American life during that decade. In fact, it was the food chain all kids wanted to go to at the time.

Today, Chuck E. Cheese’s is still expanding its franchise, more recently hitting up the video game market. Its latest creation is the Chuck E. Cheese’s Super Collection Wii game, which is actually a repackaging of two older games – Chuck E. Cheese’s Party Games and Chuck E. Cheese’s Sports Games – into one, combined release.

In Chuck E. Cheese’s Super Collection, you can have your pick between party games or sports games. In party games, the basic premise is that your character wants to visit the local, virtual Chuck E. Cheese’s food chain and play the arcade games they have, but your father won’t allow it because you already spent your allowance. To pay for the tokens you need for the games, you head of to the virtual Chuck E. Cheese’s restaurant and help the chef make pizza.

The party games themselves are often virtual counterparts of real arcade games found in Chuck E. Cheese’s food chains. This can be a welcome concept for kids who have been to the restaurant and strike up some nostalgia for adults. There are more than a dozen party games including Air Hockey, Alley Roller, Smash-a-Munch, and Basketball. The game Lucky Wheel also unlocks more games if you happen to hit the right spot as the wheel stops. If you get a good finish in the games, you earn tickets which can be used to purchase items at the prize counter. The prizes are then used to adorn your virtual room. Leaderboard scores are also available to spice up competition.

In sports games, you select a character and compete in various sports such as Tennis, Golf, Kart Racing, Hockey, and Bowling. After achieving gold medals in every game, players can unlock a bonus challenge and an extra character. There are also multiplayer options where kids and their friends can compete in the different games together.

All the games in both party and sports categories are pretty straightforward. Wii controls and motion sensing are solid, not requiring more than a few basic movements, which really suit younger players. Although the audio soundtrack leaves a lot to be desired, the graphics are simple, colorful, and quite appealing to kids.

Overall, the games are decent enough but lack that extra quality that would make them special. There are definitely other titles out in the market in both sports and parlor games categories that have much better gameplay and presentation. Also, if you already own both Chuck E. Cheese’s Party Games and Chuck E. Cheese’s Sports Games, there’s no point in purchasing Chuck E. Cheese’s Super Collection. It’s also worth noting that Chuck E. Cheese’s Super Collection costs far less than either of the two games purchased separately. Whether this will spur parents to buy it or not remains to be seen.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Super Collection is a combination of Chuck E. Cheese’s Party Games and Chuck E. Cheese’s Sports Games in one disc. It can be played on the standard Wii console. The game is mainly for single player but does have multiplayer options as well.

Chuck E. Cheese’s Super Collection offers a large amount of minigames in one release. The games themselves are mediocre but can still provide hours of enjoyment for kids. Adults, on the other hand, may not have any incentive to pick this game up. Also, there are still other games in the market for younger players that offer far more content and excitement than Chuck E. Cheese’s Super Collection. Still, it may be worth purchasing if you or your kid is a big fan of the grinning mouse mascot.